1. Solid’s vibrating handlebars navigate bike lanes on its 3D printed frame

    Just like when you’re driving a car, glancing down at your phone while biking the busy streets of your city can be quite dangerous. Thanks to a Portland-based design firm, there’s a bike that allows you to keep your eyes on the road while getting…

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  2. Weave app brings Tinder-style swipes to job hunting

    Tinder’s swipe-able interface is such a hit, that a lot of new apps are copying it. One new, notable app among them all is called Weave, which is essentially (there’s no other way to describe it) a more boring Tinder to find fellow professionals…

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    TETRARC have designed HUB CREATIC, a building located in Nantes, France, that is dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications. Project description Behind its lively yellow walls, the building assembles seventy start-ups businesses. It has affirmed their presence in the town and offers them a scalable work space at a reduced rent where they […]

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  4. Rob Ley designs an interactive art facade

    Rob Ley of Urbana Studio has recently completed May-September, an interactive art facade made from 7,000 angled metal panels attached to a parking structure at the new Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can watch a video about the project – here Project description This project began with an interest in challenging the typical notion […]

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  5. Step Inside a Human-Sized Kaleidoscope

    Saya Miyazaki Wink Space 1
    The 2013 Kobe Biennale featured an Art Container Contest, challenging entrants to build something spectacular within the confines of the standard shipping container. Designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki created something that enlarged that ‘confined’ space to one that was nearly infinite – a kaleidoscope large enough to step inside. The space was not only […]

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  7. CartoDB’s new open source Odyssey.js tool makes it easy to create interactive maps without coding

    Cloud-based mapping service CartoDB has released a beta version of a new tool, Odyssey.js, that lets you create interactive maps in Markdown without knowing how to code. The tool, which is open source, lets you choose from three interface templates: slide, scrolling and timeline. You’ll then use a Markdown sandbox to specify different places and events in your story, as well as add content, such as text or images. When you’re ready to share, you can embed the map as an iFrame, grab a custom URL, or download the source. If you do know how to code, CartoDB has included a JavaScript library so…

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  8. Server-Side Device Detection With JavaScript


    There are many strategies to choose from when developing a modern, device independent website nowadays. How should capabilities of the device or browser be determined? Should the presentation logic be server side or client side? Traditionally, mobile optimization had to happen server side.

    Server-Side Device Detection With JavaScript

    Over the last couple of years, Responsive Web Design and tools like Modernizr have become very popular. Recently, combination techniques (often called RESS), where optimization is done both server-side and client-side, has become a trend. The recently launched WURFL.js tool, fits into this category.

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  9. Incredibly Realistic Interiors Carved into Marble & Stone

    1 Matthew Simmonds
    With a degree in Art History, specializing in art and architecture, Matthew Simmonds is in a small group of people who actually used their college degree for their job. His studies led him to train as an architectural stone carver and worked with teams in the restoration of famous historic buildings like the Westminster Abbey […]

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  10. Artist Creates Incredibly Small Paintings On Food

    Turkish artist Hasan Kale paints on many canvases, but some of his most extraordinary paintings are painted on edible products, be they split almonds, rice grains, coffee beans, or onion peels - as long as they’re tiny! Related posts:

    1. Artist Creates Stunning Landscapes Entirely Out of Food
    2. Incredibly Realistic 3D Goldfish Paintings by Riusuke Fukahori
    3. Artist Puts 21st-Century Gadgets Into Famous Masterpiece Paintings

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  12. when Facebook declines my app permissions for the 4th time



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  13. Full-Spot: Monotype at Cannes

    If you are currently at the Cannes Lions ad festival, Monotype and CR have an evening of typographic fun (yes, you heard right) lined up for the evening of June 18

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  14. Triangle hanger

    When an ordinary hanger just won’t do, you can always spring for the very stylish and minimal Triangle Hanger. Designed by Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong of Berlin based design studio Roomsafari, each hanger is made from silver aluminum or powder-coated black aluminum, and will hold your very fashionable coats and clothes without distraction. Materials: […]

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  15. Preferred Mode: Portraits Showcase Bicycle Style in New York

    freeyork.org NYbikers02
    New York City overflows with fashion, and the bicyclists there are no different. Photographer Sam Polcer documents the cyclers’ style next to their bikes all over the city. He tells a little bit about each person, the bike they ride, where they are and where they are headed on PreferredMode.com. The images and facts have […]

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